Moreell Medal winner


Looks like this is our year! Please join me in congratulating LCDR Sowell
for his selection as the 2016 Society of American Military Engineers Moreell
Medal winner. The official announcement can be seen below. The competition
for this prestigious medal is fierce and Commander Sowell’s selection was
absolutely well earned an a testament of his hard work and drive to make us
all better.

This medal is awarded every year to recognize an engineer who provided the
most outstanding contribution to military engineering through achievement in
planning, design, construction, public works, administration, research, or

As we all have been witness, LCDR Sowell’s leadership, superior planning
ability, exceptional construction management acumen, and tactical poise were
directly responsible for the extraordinary success of the battalion’s 2016
homeport training cycle and follow-on deployment. Under LCDR Sowell’s
leadership NMCB ELEVEN completed every construction and tactical training
event with either above average or superior ratings. This success continued
on our deployment where the battalion’s readiness and effectiveness in
support to Combatant Commanders has been instrumental in recent theater
exercise demonstrations, theater campaign plan accomplishments, and
operational advances.

My hat is off to him and to the entire crew of ELEVEN. Our sport is a team
sport, but it is always gratifying when the team wins and our franchise
player gets the MVP award. Nicely done S3!


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