Phase 2, CPO Selects perspective

NMCB 11 CPO Selects

Chief Pinning #2

On August 2nd the FY 17 CPO results were released to the Command Triads. One phone call initiated a flood of emotions and signaled the beginning of CPO 365 Phase 2. Being selected as a Chief Petty Officer is the greatest accomplishment of our Navy Careers and is sure to be unmatched by anything we will experience for the rest of our time in service to this Country.

During Phase 2 we experience a wide range of emotion on a daily basis including happiness, frustration, confusion, and sometimes there is no emotion at all. The emotions are not the same for everyone at all times so we have to recognize this and help each other overcome certain obstacles. We did not know what to expect during this transitional process and it has been trying to say the least. There does not seem to be enough time in the day to complete the day’s work and prioritizing has proven an invaluable tool. Communication can also be difficult at times with so many alfa personalities in one room and many different leadership styles. It does not always seem like it at the time, but there is a lesson to learn from every task, every conversation, and every event. Some are immediate and some may not be understood for years to come. The biggest lesson so far is the importance of getting to know the Genuine Chiefs. Building relationships and a strong network is paramount.

Together, the Mess has all the wisdom and knowledge needed to be successful. Through all the struggles and successes, we hope to emerge from this process on September 16th with anchors pinned to our khakis and accepted as Chief Petty Officers eager to take on our new roles in the Command and the mighty Chief Petty Officers Mess.

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