Walk a Mile

By NMCB 11 Public Affairs

Members of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) ELEVEN participated in the “Walk a Mile” in her shoes challenge. The event in itself had both symbolic and literal meaning. Starting at Ladd circle the event required both genders were to swap shoes and walk a mile in the shoes the other gender would wear. Female participates were to walk in men’s shoes.  Male participates were to bring their best set of prom night heels.

Walk a Mile

April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention (SAAP) month. The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) organization and its members have developed multiple activities and events to address sexual assault issues that service members may encounter. The SAPR organization aims to eliminate sexual assault within our ranks while raising awareness and understanding on how everyone’s role can contribute to the positive and negative effects in the work environment.

NMCB 11’s SAPR team has been very active and has raised a good amount of money in support of the SAAP month and its activities. In addition to participating in the event they have held a bake sale, sold breakfast burritos, and have colored the quarterdeck in teal, the color for of SAAP month. The NMCB 11’s SAPR team, made up on both male and female members, is always locked on and is leading the way for the base.

Of course it is only a mile so it only gives a snapshot of what the experience is like. The meaning behind this activity was a representation of the diversity we have within our Navy. Both roles play an essential part in making us operationally ready to respond a needed. It is this diversity that makes the Navy the strong entity it is today!

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