NMCB 11 Hosted Sailor Symposium 2016

By Mass Communication Specialist 1st Michael C. Barton / NMCB 11 Public Affairs

GULFPORT, Miss. Members of the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 11’s Women’s Resiliency Council hosted a base-wide Sailor Symposium aboard Naval Construction Battalion Center (NCBC), Gulfport, Miss, April 7.


This has become an annual event aboard NCBC, with the first year focusing on the female side of the Navy. This year topics included advancement, Officer Programs, Program in the Navy focused to Seabee, how to balance work and life, nutrition and communication styles.

Quest speakers included: Rear Adm. Katherine Gregory (Ret.), former Commander of Naval Facilities Engineering Command and Chief of Civil Engineers, Rear Adm. Bret Muilenburg, Commander of Naval Facilities Engineering Command and Chief of Civil Engineers and Master Chief Percy Trent, Force Master Chief of the Seabees.

Rear Adm. Katherine Gregory (Ret.) spoke about previous experiences of leadership throughout her career.


“You learn a lot more when things are bad, than when things are good,” Said Rear Adm. Katherine Gregory (Ret.), “So pick all those tough jobs, the jobs you know the least about, the location you know the least about; that’s the job you want, that’s the job that will make you more marketable and more valuable to your command.”

The theme of this year’s symposium was Empowerment though Knowledge.

“My goal was to provide people that had personnel experience, first-hand knowledge and who have gone through the process of the topics discussed,” Said Engineering Aide 3rd Class Miranda Donato, event coordinator, “I feel having these people in front of you breaking it down simply and making easy to understand is a better option than just reading it online.”

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