Thanksgiving in Burkina Faso

Construction Electrician 2nd Class Jasen Nickman, deployed to Burkina Faso, shares some photos and some insight into being deployed over Thanksgiving.

By Construction Electrician 2nd Class Jasen Nickman

20131128_094514Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family, to be thankful for the support they give you and for the health and happiness that builds from the support.  However, not everyone gets to spend it with their families and friends.  Sailors, Marines, Soldiers and Airman share their meals on this day with their brothers and sisters that they serve with.

Thanksgiving photoOfficer and Enlisted personnel helping each other prepare and cook a Thanksgiving meal is a good way to boost morale.  Getting to know each other better helps build a firm support structure from the guy that is brand new all the way up to the higher chain of command.  It is a good way to help ease the loneliness from being away from families and friends.

Being far away from home over the holidays can be more stressful for some than others.  Not being able to see their spouses, kids, and other relatives is hard.  Troops will stay up late and take turns calling and Skyping with their families.

Nothing will ever numb the pain of being away from family and friends on the holidays.  Still many people give thanks to Sailors, Marines, Soldiers and Airman for the sacrifice they make daily.  They are not alone though, they have their brother and sister service members supporting them; just like that from the family’s back home

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