Camp S.I.C.

Sanderson, ENSBy Ensign Brooks Sanderson

Seabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 11, Special Operations Command Detachment Africa (SOCAF), Detail Cameroon are now in the country they will call home for the next several months.  With a large project looming upon the horizon, these Seabees are doing everything they can to make living conditions feel like “Home Sweet Home.” 

2Despite the humidity and never-ending rainy days, they recognize that their ability to maintain a family dynamic is what will continue to uplift morale and push motivation.  The troops have named their home Camp S.I.C. (Seabees in Cameroon) and proudly display a monumental sign in the entrance displaying their Camp name. 

Not only does the sign represent the camp, but it represents each and every Seabee on the detail.  Every Seabee has constructed a sign pointing to their hometown with the distance, and name from the town in which they hail.  The monument is a constant reminder of our family in Cameroon and where we are all headed upon mission completion. 

This is a highly motivated group of Seabees, willing to face all adversity and triumphs through hard work, dedication and pride in the mission they have been sent to complete.   

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