From the Chaplain – Sept. 25, 2013

The Importance of Trust in Life

Myers, LTAs the winds and waves crashed the sides of the little fishing vessel the disciples began to worry. Then to top it off in the distance they began to see a man walking on the water toward them.  They began to cry out in fear only to find out it was Jesus.  Peter, one of the 12 disciples said to Jesus, “tell me to come out onto the water and I will.”  Jesus replied, come!  Then Peter began to walk out onto the water. Then as Peter began to gaze out into the storm around him he started to sink. Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and pulled Peter into the boat saving his life.  Wow, what an incredible story of trust. The early disciples truly trusted their lives into the hands of Jesus their savior.  

The lesson we learn this week from this story is the importance of trust. If people cannot trust your word, they cannot trust you. Do people trust your word?  When you tell them that you will help them out in a time of need, do you ever answer the call when they need you?  When you mess up and lie to someone you care about do you try and cover up the truth?  I encourage you this week always to be truthful in life.  Eventually living a life full of lies will catch up to you.  However, living a life centered on telling the truth will save you.   

In Your service Chaplain Brian Myers and RPSN Jamar Pegues

NMCB 11 Religious Ministry Team!

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