Message from C.O. – August 14, 2013

Greetings Lucky ELEVEN family! 

I just wanted to send a short update on our deployment.

NMCB 11 completed their turnover with NMCB 4 in Africa, Europe, and Bahrain.  We had the Transfer of Authority Ceremony with NMCB 4 on 12AUG in Rota, Spain and now officially have mission.  The turnover went great and NMCB 4 definitely helped to set us up for success.  We got the last flight into Africa and we are now at 100% manning in Europe, Africa, and Bahrain. 

We already had our first confirmation brief with CTF 68, our Boss in Europe and Africa, and will be pushing out our Mozambique Det later this week.  They will be doing a 45 day mission to renovate a clinic in conjunction with a Navy medical team that will be providing medical care to the local populace.  We are also in various stages of planning on many other African missions that we will be doing this deployment.

As I write this, Det Guam is on their way to start turnover with NMCB 5 and the Army unit that they will be relieving.

We are off to a strong start and things here are very exciting.  Thank you for all your support!!

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