Family Empowerment Training

Hoorah Lucky 11 Spouses!

On June 7th the command would like to invite the spouses and loved ones who support our Seabees to attend an event called Family EMPOWERment Training.  The following topics will be covered: Improving Communication at home, coping with stress in the military, and overcoming Domestic Violence.  If you have a spouse who is an E1-E4 you can meet your spouse at the base theater at 0850.  If you are a spouse of a member that is an E5-E6 you will meet your spouse at building 433 in room 149 0850, and if you are a spouse of a member E7 and above you will meet your spouse at the base chapel at 0850 in the Sanctuary. IF you are not familiar with the base please get with your spouse concerning meeting locations. The event begins at 0900 and last until 1100.  The speakers will include Chaplain Myers, Paula Ingram, Jim Soriano, and Cheryl Hall from the FFSC.  If you have kids try and get baby sitter for the morning of June 7th.  Being married in the Navy can cause stress that is not common in relationships outside of the military service.  Therefore, we encourage you the spouse to consider attending this training with your Seabee as we prepare for our upcoming deployment. 

Have a Great Weekend with your Seabee

In Your Service Chaplain Myers

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