Cruisebooks are in. Please stop by the MWR office in NMCB 11 Headquarters bldg. to either pick up the books and/or CDs you pre-ordered or to purchase a new 2012 CENTCOM Deployment Cruisebook.

Books are being sold for $35

  • 72 pages, full color, tan cover with brown foil stamped logo and lettering

CDs are being sold for $5

  • CD includes digital version of book with 27 additional images not included in the hard copy
  • CD is printed with text and logo and is sold in a protective paper sleeve with clear plastic window 

If you already paid for a book and/or CD please come by NMCB 11 MWR and pick up what belongs to you. All we require is your signature. Your receipt is not required, but providing it will make things go quicker.

For those who ordered online and provided an address for shipping, please allow two weeks for delivery.

Thank you!


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