Message from the C.O. – November 2, 2012

To the Families of NMCB ELEVEN: It is GREAT to be home!! I really enjoyed seeing many of you at our Welcome Home Picnic a couple weeks ago at Seabee Lake. We are all enjoying reconnecting with our families and spending quality time together. I hope everyone enjoyed the stand-down period, whether the time was spent going on family vacations or simply just enjoying being home. The time off was very much deserved for all the Seabees of NMCB 11- their work on deployment was absolutely exceptional and the difference they made in Afghanistan is enduring.

In case you have not heard, we have been called to prepare ourselves to support Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts in case we are officially tasked to do. In preparation, we have sent a 90-Seabee Det to convoy to the East Coast to best position ourselves in case we receive tasking to support the efforts. Of course, we cannot plan these natural disasters and I want to sincerely thank the families of the Seabees on this Det for their understanding and flexibility. I understand that sending this Det so soon after we returned from deployment can cause hardship to our families, and I encourage you to call our Family Readiness Officer, UTC Stewart or our Ombudsman, Donna Nill, if you have any questions or concerns. We will ensure to provide you the support you need or refer you to the resources that can help you. At this time we do not know when the Det will return, but I will keep you posted. Thank you Families for all you do to support the mission of NMCB 11.

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