MIDWEEK MANNA – Service: Are You Missing the Point?

This week’s Mid Week Manna is centered upon the idea of service as found within Luke 10:38-41. Within these verses we see three primary figures: Mary, Martha, and Jesus Christ.  In the story, Martha was hard at work preparing for a meal in which Jesus would attend. She was getting the food ready, getting the dining area set; making sure that everything was taken care of so that everyone invited to the meal would have a nice and enjoyable experience. Meanwhile, Mary who was Martha’s sister is sitting around and doing nothing except listening to Jesus teach. Finally, Martha has had enough and she complains to Jesus, “Lord don’t you care that my sister has left me to do all the work by myself? Tell her to help me!”  Jesus responds by telling Martha that she is worried about many things and that Mary has chosen what is better.  So what is the lesson on service that we learn from Jesus?

I believe that a lot of times we are like Martha; we are so busy trying to serve people and please them, that we miss out on the concept of service, and more importantly whom we are serving. What we end up doing is trying to earn God’s grace through our actions. We say, “hey look at me see what I am doing, aren’t I great.”  It is my opinion that if we really read and understand this story we see God trying to convey an important point for His people to follow.  Christian service is not a means by which we earn favor with God, but it is a way for us to show God how much we love Him and His people whom He has created.  So how can we act like Mary today?  Not by sitting around, but by following the teachings, and the actions set before us by Jesus Christ. Because when our service begins with following Jesus and His teachings, we will then carry out a service that is pleasing to God and truly meets the needs of His creation.  So the next time you volunteer to serve in the community ask yourself this question: is my service geared toward impressing men, or showing love toward God?

 In Your Service Chaps Myers

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