Message from CO – August 20, 2012

Hoorah Families of LUCKY ELEVEN!!  We are so close now!  As we wrap up the final few weeks of our operational deployment and begin turnover with NMCB 133, our Seabees are thrilled that we will soon be home with our loved ones after having completed an extraordinary deployment in support of the Global War on Terrorism.  Our Seabees’ accomplishments in Afghanistan are nothing short of exceptional.  Despite the heat, enemy threat and arduous conditions, they consistently displayed remarkable work ethic characterized by commitment to getting the mission done while taking care of each other’s safety.  They set the example for other units to follow and consistently received tremendous praise from all our supported commands.  Over and over again, CMDCM and I could not walk a few yards without being stopped and told about all the great work the Seabees have done on that camp.  All the praise for our Seabees was extremely humbling to me, knowing that I was blessed with the opportunity to lead such incredible men and women.

We are now wrapping up our deployment and preparing for our redeployment home.  As part of that preparation, we will go through the Warrior Transition Program which will allow us time to decompress from the stresses of a combat deployment, while building resiliency to prepare for homeport and our transition with our families.  You have all been managing so well these last 7 months without us, and soon we will be home to share in our family responsibilities.  This transition takes some adjustment that we all need to be prepared for.  That is why I highly encourage all our families to attend the Family Readiness Group meeting on 21 August at 1800 in the CBC Gulfport Chapel.  We will have Fleet Family Service Center attend to provide assistance to our families on the best way to welcome our Seabees home, and what to expect during the first few weeks once we return.  FFSC is extremely well versed and informed on how to prepare ourselves to best handle this critical transition and I would encourage you to attend to facilitate our homecoming.

I again thank all of our families and friends who have provided endless support to us during these past 7 months.  I cannot stress enough how important that support is to each one of us.  Also, for those of you who helped other families out during this deployment-  THANK YOU.  Knowing that our families are well taken care of has allowed us to focus on our mission and execute it flawlessly.  I look forward to thanking all of you in person next month.   Sincerely, Lore Aguayo, Commanding Officer, NMCB ELEVEN

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