Through this deployment we have all suffered a little bit. Either
through the loss of a loved one, by making financial mistakes, not
making the next rank, or simply missing our deployed loved one and
families back home. I believe the Old Testament character named Job,
can offer us all some guidance on how to finish well through our current
state of suffering. Job had it all, a large and healthy family, numerous
cattle, and much more. However, one day all his good fortune was
taken from him, and he had to learn the lesson of perseverance through
suffering. A lesson we have all learned throughout this deployment.
The New Testament book of James makes the following
comment concerning Job and his suffering. “You have heard of Job’s
perseverance and have seen what the Lord finally brought about. The
Lord is full of compassion and mercy.” (James 5:11) So let us also
model the perseverance of Job, trusting in God through prayer that God
is in fact a God of compassion and mercy who will guide us out of our
current state of suffering. He will once again restore our families.
In closing I just want to say, suffering is a part of normal human
life, and can actually be beneficial. For example, as a runner I know
that if I push my body hard in physical training; I will in the end earn
both a healthy body, and achieve a desired goal such as winning a race.
Another example of beneficial suffering takes place with the birth of a
child. The mother goes through nine months of pain, which in the end
produces a beautiful child that brings happiness and joy to the entire
family. Through this deployment you Seabees and family members
have been brave and persevered through tough times. Therefore, keep
your head up as you drive for the finish line, continue to press on,
persevere, and finish well, trusting in the Lord to direct your path.

In your Service,
LTJG Brian E Myers Command Chaplain NMCB ELEVEN

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