MID-WEEK MANNA: Does Pain Have A Purpose?

A corollary to this question might be, “Is God really good?” In
Romans 8, Paul equates the groaning and suffering of creation
with childbirth. Maybe, that’s the clue about pains purpose.

Think about the physical pain a mother experiences during
childbirth. As intense and powerful as that pain is, it’s
(hopefully) relieved the moment a healthy baby is placed in the
mother’s arms. Our pain, like that of childbirth, exists for what
comes after pain. And because we often forget that God
knows what that is, it’s not easy to trust him in the midst of the
pain. Nothing could be more senseless than purposeless pain?
Yes, through the agony of our souls, we experience God and
may eventually realize that pain-filled life is short in
comparison to a pain-free life of eternity with God. Pain
reveals our heart’s desires and shows if our hearts are
prepared for eternity.

So yes, I believe that pain does have its purpose. Although
going through painful experiences in life are not fun, the
results of the pain normally produce a desire and need to turn
our hearts and lives to God. For it is in God that we will find

In your Service,

LTJG Brian E Myers Command Chaplain NMCB ELEVEN

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