Seabee in the Spotlight: EO3 (SCW) James Storie of Detail 2 FOB JBAD

By BU1 (SCW) David M. Kaiser

                James Storie was born and raised in Binghamton, NY.  Growing up in the blue collar region of NY State, EO3 Storie learned the importance of work ethics at very young age.  Starting off as a dishwasher in a family owned Italian restaurant at the age of 15, it didn’t take long for him to move up to head chef by the age  of 19.   Although he worked many different part time jobs in addition to his dedication to his true love of the family owned restaurant, he stayed loyal to the same business for over 10 years and learned every bit of his work environment, so if for any reason he was needed in another area he could be there and get the job done.  It wasn’t until the age of 26 that he would decide to do the same thing for the Navy. “I decided before I get any older, I should serve in the military. I knew that serving my country was still on my to-do list. So I did it.  It was tough to leave home and everything I worked for, the people and my family, but I knew deep down if I didn’t do this I would look back and regret it and that’s something I couldn’t forgive myself for”.

                In the fall of 2009 he began his journey at Great Lakes.  By the beginning of the next year is where EO3 would be introduced to the Navy Seabees at EO A-school at luxurious Ft. Leonard Wood!  He graduated in early spring and took a brief timeout to reflect on his new found path and spent a week in the south Caribbean Islands with his wife Lisa. “I like to travel, after doing time at Ft. Leonard Wood I figured I would spoil myself for a week”.  Shortly after, he would find himself in Gulfport, MS where he would be assigned to his new home, NMCB 11.  He immediately deployed to Guam and met his new family, ALPHA Company. “Great group of people;  I mean that.  I enjoy all sorts of people with different backgrounds and different companies, I’ve enjoyed working with everyone but I had a great first experience with those guys and it made being away a lot easier”.

Next up for him would be Afghanistan.  He was selected to be part of the Elite DET 2 that would be deployed out all over Afghanistan.  EO3 was chosen to be part of the Jalalabad DET on FOB Fenty in the Nangarhar providence where he would be the only equipment operator for the site.  EO3 Storie has proven himself as an outstanding operator by working with the old and limited equipment, which he is still able to accomplish any tasking with.  He is a true inspiration for many of the junior troops at JBAD because of his unwavering motivation to push harder and get the job done safely and efficiently.  He has also gained the knowledge of the builder rating like he was born with a hammer in his hand. 

EO3 Storie is the now the DET Seabee Combat Warfare Coordinator after receiving his pin on the 19th of May, 2012 by Senior Chief Burkhart.  He was the first person in DET 2 to pass his board, chaired by his DET site OIC, BU3 Murphy and Senior Chief Burkhart.  Even before he was the official coordinator he was constantly helping out junior and even senior personnel with their efforts to achieve their pins.  He has now taken the program over with the driving force that you would expect out of a highly motivated SCW warrior.  He feels extremely proud to wear his pin and wants everyone at the DET site to be able to share in the pride he feels.

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