Mid-Week Manna: The Battle is Fought Together

I know that many who read these posts are in fact spouses
living back in Gulfport, or some other part of the country.
Therefore, I would like to dedicate this post to you and your
hard work and offer you a word of encouragement. One time or
another during deployment you may have asked yourself this very
question, “What value do I bring to this relationship, what value to
I add to this war?” Well, let me tell you.

As your husband or wife fights bravely in Afghanistan
to defend freedom, I believe that military spouses and husbands
back in the home front fight an important battle of their own. The
battle you are fighting is vital to the health of this battalion, and
this nation. While we the Seabee are fighting for freedom for the
Afghanistan people, you are fighting to maintain our homes, and to
keep our families together.

Instead of IED’s or the Taliban, you the spouse are fighting
wars against your parents, the in-laws, to raise our children, and to
pay our bills. In some ways your battle is more challenging, and at
times can be just as lonely as your Seabee fighting in Afghanistan.
So, as you can see you have great value. And as the command
Chaplain I would simply like to say thank you for your hard work,
and dedication to this battalion and your nation.

In Your Service Chaplain Myers, Command Chaplain NMCB 11

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