Message from CO – July 11, 2012

Friends and Family of Lucky ELEVEN- HOORAH!! We have been officially over the hump for a few weeks now and the light is shining bright at the end of the tunnel. We had an excellent celebration in Afghanistan to commemorate the half-way point as I know you did as well. I saw the pictures of our families celebrating at Seabee Lake the same day we were celebrating at Camp Leatherneck, enjoying the camaraderie of each others’ company. I do have to give special recognition to Senior Chief Tomme for volunteering to be the human target for the children’s water balloon fight. Taking one for the Team!  We have just met another major milestone in our deployment; NMCB 133, our relief, has made a visit to Camp Leatherneck to conduct their pre-deployment site visit. That means we are that much closer to coming home. NMCB 133 Leadership is extremely excited and motivated to relieve us and continue the great Seabee legacy in Afghanistan. We look forward to seeing them again.  

Operations are busier than ever for us. Our Seabees continue to execute superb construction work in support of Coalition Forces and our Afghan partners. Throughout the country we continue to build out and maintain operating bases for the warfighter, improve freedom of movement, increase medevac capabilities and support required infrastructure to shape the laydown of our forces during the surge recovery. Our Seabees are making a lasting difference in the future of Afghanistan.  I know you are all proud of your Seabee, as I am every single day, and look forward to the day you can tell them so in person. I cannot stress enough how important it is for us to have the love and support of our families to get us through the long and hot days of work. So thank you again for your support. We are on the home stretch, but we still have much work to be done so we will continue to focus on the task at hand to ensure we execute our missions safely. To all of you at home, have a wonderful and safe summer.

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