Mid-Week Manna: God is Still Working!

Even when our lives seem out of control, God is working
His plan for our lives. Just read this story for proof!

In the 17th century a sailing vessel crossing the pacific
was battered and broken by a fierce typhoon. The one and
only survivor managed to land upon a small, uninhabited
island. He was able to do this by desperately clinging to a
wooden beam from his ship. After much trouble and
considerable effort, he built a crude hut where he placed all the
belongings that had washed ashore from the sinking ship.
Each day, he prayed to God for deliverance, and he continually
scanned the Ocean horizon to hail any ships that might pass by.
One day, upon returning from a search for food, he was
horrified to find his hut in flames. Everything he had was gone.
Feeling that things could get no worse, the man looked toward
heaven and cursed God. About three hours later, however, a
ship arrived, and the captain said, “We saw your smoke signal.”

God helps us and guides us in unusual and unexpected ways.
Don’t fail to recognize God’s activity because of your current
situation, no matter how dire it may appear to be.

In your service Chaplain Myers Command Chaplain NMCB 11.

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