Mid-Week Manna: Thank you for Your Support

It truly is an honor and privilege to serve in the United States Navy.  As service members we get the chance to travel all over the world, and make a positive difference.  Yet without our friends and families back home we would not be as effective.  As a husband and father I am so grateful for the support I receive back home.  Knowing that I have their blessing to serve gives me great comfort and strength.  Therefore, this week’s blog is all about letting those who are praying and supporting us back home know that we truly are grateful for their service to us. 

            While serving as a pastor in Virginia I heard a quote that defines my call to serve.  “A family can live without a nation but a nation cannot live without a family.”  In fact I believe that what makes our nation as great as it is to this day is our family structure.  It fosters healthy growing experiences for our children, and promotes a life lived not out of a selfish nature, but one that seeks to care for others. 

            Each week as the command Chaplain I receive various care packages from support groups back home.  They bring smiles on our troops faces, and give them something to look forward to, during the long and hot days of deployment.   So thank you to all who support NMCB 11.  We are honored to serve the United States of America. Because, we know in our service we are fighting for a wonderful, gracious, and God honoring nation that is faithful in their support.

 In your service Chaplain Myers Command Chaplain NMCB 11.