Mid-Week Manna

Fight For Your Marriage

          Steve Prefontaine was one of the United States greatest distant runners in the 1960-70’s.  Steve or ‘Pre’ as they called him was a great running talent but what set him apart from the other runners during his time frame was his desire to fight for victory. Steve was quoted as saying, “I can endure more pain than anyone you have ever met, which is why I can beat anyone I have ever met.”  Steve had a passion for running and loved to win. More importantly, Steve was a fighter.  I believe that there is a valuable marriage lesson that we can take from the life of this remarkable American running legend, as well as from Scripture.

            Just as Steve fought for every race he ever won, you too must fight for your marriage if you want it to be successful.  Husbands in order to save or maintain your marriage you need to fight for your women each and every day.  You need to work hard to provide for her needs, and you need to devote time to your wife.  On deployment this can be hard, yet you have to fight through the distance barriers and continue to pursue your bride.  Wives, you also need to fight for your husband.  The Scriptures tell us that just as the husband is to love his wife; the wife must respect her husband.  (Ephesians 5:33).  So wives be careful how you talk to your husband on the phone, or through other correspondences.  Remember that like you he is also going through a great deal of stress at this time.

            Therefore, in light of Ephesians chapter five, men love your wife, and women respect and show honor to your husband.  Sure there is the excuse of distance, or lack of communication at times, but when you said I do on that altar, or at that court house.  You promised you would love one another. You promised that you would fight for their love.  So the question I have for you this week is, are you a fighter when it comes to your marriage.  Do you have the same passion for your hobbies, for your job, as you have for your spouse?  Call your loved one today and reconcile your differences and begin to fight for each other instead of against one another.

 In your service LTJG Brian Myers Command Chaplain NMCB 11.

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