Message from CMDCM Levesque

Hello NMCB ELEVEN family and friends.  May is upon us and that means a couple of things.  Another month has passed us by and advancement results are coming soon.  I’m sorry to tell you that I do not have a crystal ball to tell you how many advancements we will have, but I do know we will have some.  I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for all of those who took the exam.   Once we know the results we will get those individuals trained and frocked as soon as we can.   

The Skipper and I have been out to see a couple of our det sites since the last BLOG I have written.  We visited Det 2, Det 4, and Waterwell.  At every site we have had the pleasure of awarding some kind of recognition to some hard chargers such as Seabee Combat Warfare pins, Good Conducts, or Flag Letters of Commendation.   No better way to start a visit off then to give out awards.   We have also had the pleasure to Combat Meritoriously Advance CECN Bain to CE3 Bain.  This is a program that is used for Navy units serving in Afghanistan.  He competed against all of naval units in CENTCOM and came out on top.  How great is that?  If that doesn’t speak volumes of how Seabees are looked upon out here nothing does. 

We have completed many missions and have turned those projects over to units that are training Afghan military units so they can take the lead on the security of their nation.   All of our customers have been very happy with the work we have completed and it is recognized at the highest levels.  The Commanding Officer can hardly walk a hundred feet before she is stopped and told what an amazing job the Seabees are doing. 

As we complete jobs we are quickly moving to new locations.  We just recently pushed out a new Det and they are working on a project that has the potential to save many lives.  Have no doubt they choose the right unit to go out there and get the job done.  As I look out into the faces of our Seabees as they are being briefed on their tasking, all I see is pure determination.   I can’t think of a better unit that I would rather be serving in right now.  HOO-RAH NMCB ELEVEN!  Keep up the great work, and I look forward to getting out and seeing more of you.

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