Seabees Build Detention Facility in Shir Ghazay, Afghanistan

By Lt. Wyckoff, Det. Officer in Charge

HELMAND PROVINCE, Afghanistan — Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 11 deployed 12 personnel to build a Detention Facility in April to support the missions of RCT-6 and 2/5 Marines at Combat Outpost Shir Ghazay in RC(SW).  The facility is self-contained within concrete T-Walls and HESCO’s.  It consists of generators, head facilities, and SWA huts for housing detainees longer than 72 hours, as well as offices for processing.  Prior to this project, there was nothing onsite to process detainees; this facility will allow valuable intel to be gathered which will help prevent future Taliban Operations in the AO.   

The Seabees deployed, executed construction, and retrograded all within 9 days.  During that time, the DET was also able to execute several Camp Maintenance task’s on COP Shir Ghazay, significantly improving the morale of all three Marine units on the COP (2/5 Marines Echo Company, 1st Tank BN, Artillery BN).  Maintenance tasks were a joint effort between the Seabees and onsite Marines and Corpsman.  Maintenance included a 20’x 30′ deck for the Artillery berthing tents to sit on, improvement of the triage area at the Forward Aid Station by erecting a shade structure over the 15’x 25′ deck, Electricians wired up a SDP to install a much needed AC unit in the Tanks COC, and the Seabees delivered the Tank BN and 2/5 Marines a new pull-up bar station, TRX station and a set of dumbbells from 35-100LBS. 

This Seabees team left a lasting positive impression on COP Shir Ghazay, and continued the enduring Marine-Seabee relationship. 

The det exhibited team cohesion, which contributed to the project’s success. 

A few members of the det expressed some thoughts following the project:

Speaking about the project in general, BU3 Hefner said – “Great experience to directly contribute to the security and stability of Shir Ghazay. Huge accomplishment in 9 days with minimal personnel”

“Amazing!”  Expressed BUCN Smith about the team cohesion of the Det.  “Everybody got along really well. I would go out on another project with the same group any day”

“Very well Planned out,” stated UTCN Hansrote.  “The speed was determined by the determination of our crew.”

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