Faith Keeps Marriages Strong

Most Americans get married at some point in their life: just one out of five adults (22%) has never been married. Among those who have said their wedding vows, one out of three have been divorced at least once, according to a new study from The Barna Research Group. This study also found that the groups with the most prolific experience of marriage ending in divorce were those with a lack of faith.  

          As your command Chaplain I am not telling you what faith you are to believe in.  However, I am encouraging you to put faith into your marriage.  I truly believe that a couple that prays together will stay together.  I am not saying that it will be easy and without normal difficulties.  However, I am saying that it promotes honesty, integrity, and unselfishness. 

          Faith in God urges both men and women to be sacrificial in their relationship.  Faith calls both men and women to put their spouse’s individual needs before themselves. Faith calls men to love their wives, and for wives to respect their husbands. 

          I believe that Faith is vital for every military marriage. Faith helps us to trust, and have the hope that we will come home safely.  Faith gives us the courage to stay faithful.  Faith gives us the motivation and inspiration to make a marriage work, even in the midst of weeks or months without any type of communication.

           I want you all to know that I myself am a married man going on 8 wonderful years of marriage.  Without Faith I know for certain that I could not do this deployment. So this week instead of worrying and fretting over the issues you and your spouse are going through pray and have faith that God will sustain you throughout the duration of the deployment.  

Finally, please avoid making any rash decisions while on deployment.  Wait until you get home, so that you can properly work your issues out face to face.

In Your Service Chaps Myers

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