Message from C.O. – April 9, 2012

Hoorah Lucky ELEVEN Families and Friends!  We remain focused on all the missions we have throughout the country of Afghanistan while consistently receiving praise from our supported commands for the work we do for them.  For those of you who celebrate Easter and have small children, I am sure it was very difficult not having your Seabee home to partake in Easter egg decorating and Easter egg hunts with your children.  But be assured that we all miss our families very much, and while we are not with you physically, we are always with you in spirit.  We are very thankful for your continued support this deployment.  Your selfless sacrifice and understanding of why we must be away from home in execution of our duties give us the needed strength to stay on course, building and fighting.  This is a team effort and our families are a critical part of the team.

The last few weeks have been very busy for our Seabees.  CMDMC and I were able to travel to Det Bost and Det RTC last week.  Det Bost is the one location where our Seabees are not only constructing, but are also fully responsible for the positional defense of the compound.  I could not be prouder of our Seabees as I observed their professionalism and tactical expertise while defending their sectors of fire.  They recognize the criticality of their job and they are executing it flawlessly.  The rest of the Det is busy constructing 9 Pre-engineered Buildings which will provide berthing and admin spaces for the Marine Advisor Teams who are supporting the Afghan Uniformed Police Headquarters.  We picked a great day to visit as it turned out; instead of MRE’s for dinner, the Det was treated to a delicious traditional local dinner provided by the Afghan contractors.  Morale was sky high at Det Bost and we can’t wait for their return to Camp Leatherneck next month.

Det RTC is nearing completion of their 2 PEB’s in support of the Training Center for Afghan Uniformed Police Recruits.  I was impressed by the cross-rate training being performed on the Det.  Everyone was eager to do their part to help, even if it meant learning skills from a different rate.  Their work ethic was truly unequalled; Seabees simply do not want to rest until the work is done.  Det RTC will complete their tasking in the next few weeks and return to Camp Leatherneck ready and eager for follow-on tasking.

Everybody else continues to excel in their responsibilities.  Det 2, 4 and Dwyer are making great progress in completion of their tasking.  CSE teams have completed over 10 missions moving our people and equipment/material to where they need to be.  Water well has relocated to new site and will begin drilling new well in the next few weeks.  Our Alfa, Headquarters and Camp Maintenance staff at Mainbody provides superb support to the Dets and to our readiness/retrograde efforts.  There is never a dull moment on deployment and everyone is giving their absolute all to the overall effort.  Most importantly our Seabees are safe and are tirelessly and successfully completing mission after mission.

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