Message from CDR Aguayo – March 27, 2012

As we complete our second month of deployment for many of us, I am pleased to report that we are vigorously executing numerous missions, expertly maintaining our equipment, improving all of our supply processes, ensuring strong comms and command and control, and remain dedicated to taking care of our Seabees’ administrative, medical and career requirements.  Our Seabees are not slowing down- on the contrary every day they amaze me with their increased productivity on the job site and increased team cohesion.  And even with all the events that have occurred in Afghanistan the past few months that have made headlines, our Seabees’ courage to push forward with mission execution is truly admirable.

The last few weeks have been very eventful.  CMDCM and I were able to travel to FOB Dwyer to visit our detachment and their project sites.  Master Chief and I were completely impressed by the professionalism and strong morale of Det Dwyer.  These men and women don all their protective gear every day, man their heavy equipment and head outside the camp to repair roads that are heavily traveled by the Marine Combat Teams.  The progress they are making is superb.  The difference in speed and safety of traveling on the new road the Seabees are building to having to off-road through the desert is remarkable.  I spoke to many of the camp Marines and they expressed extreme gratitude for the work the Seabees are doing.     The other exciting news in Dwyer is that the leadership worked very hard on partnering with the Afghan National Army and starting today, our det will work side by side with their Afghan Army partners on repairing the road.  This action is critical to our mission; training and putting the Afghans in the lead in defense of their own country is our goal.  The Dets’ living conditions are great; the Red Horse has moved out so the entire camp is for the Seabees and they are able to spread out.  A huge Brazo Zulu to Det Dwyer for all their great work.

We finished our first tasked project last week- the water well at Zangabad.  Our water well team finished the well ahead of schedule and is already preparing for their next mission.  The Commanding General of I MEF (forward), MajGen Gurganus visited our Seabee camp over the weekend.  His father was a Seabee and he is a huge friend to the Naval Construction Force.  We have Commodore Donovan visiting our camp today and CMDCM Kraninger presented CM2 Paystrup with the Regiment’s Warrior of the Month award- congratulations, CM2!   CMDCM Levesque and I plan to visit our Bost and RTC dets in the near feature.  LUCKY ELEVEN, keep on charging!

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