DET-2 Seabee Interview: BUCN S. Parcher of Jamestown, PA

By SW3 Edwards, DET-2 Public Affairs


Q:  Is this your first deployment? How is your life today, in Afghanistan, different from your life before?

A:  Yes, everything is different!  The worst thing for me is being so far away from my family and friends.  My daily life in general is completely different.


Q:  What motivated you to knowingly join a fighting force that constantly deploys in support of ever-changing national interest?  Why enlist as a Seabee?

A:  I joined the Navy for many reasons:  school, travel, for my country and family.  I joined the Seabees because my parents are in the construction business so I decided to do the same.


Q:  What makes your rate different from other “Can Do” rates?

A:  Well BU [builder] is the most common rate, but in the Seabees you get to learn a lot about the other rates too.  In my opinion, that’s one of the best things about the Seabees.


Q:  Who is the better BU, you or your sister?

A:  I get this one a lot, but we’re about the same.  We’re constantly learning new things and sharing them with each other.


Q:  What does your family think of this life changing decision?  Any second thoughts?

A:  My family is very proud.  They wish my sister and I were closer, but overall they’re happy with our decision.  I have no second thoughts.


Q:  What is your motivation for waking up in the morning?  Why do you do what you do?

A:  My family is my biggest motivation.  Without them everything would be a lot harder, and I do what I do for them.  I know personally that they are safe because of the things me and other military personnel do every day.


Q:  What artist is in constant rotation on your iPod?  What about hobbies, what do you like to do? 

A:  I actually do not listen to music, but as far as hobbies, I love anything that has to do with the outdoors:  fishing, hunting, and horseback riding, things like that.


Q:  Is it true twins can feel each other’s pain?  If so, what is your sister feeling right now?

A:  I also get this one a lot and it’s hard to explain.  It’s just like having a really close sibling or friend.  You know them so well it’s hard not to know when something is wrong.  However, I’m sure she misses home just like I do.


Q:  Any plans for life after the Navy?  Would you like to make this a career?

A:  After the Navy I plan to move up North and go to school.  Anything could change but as of now I’m planning to do my first five years.

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