DET-2 Seabees Gather to Remember Their 70th Anniversary

By Utilitiesman 1st Class Charlie King

March 5th, 2012 marked the 70th anniversary of the U.S. Navy Seabees.  Every year Seabees from all over the world host a Seabee Ball to commemorate the accomplishments of Seabees past and present. For a group of Seabees on DET 2, this year was a little different.   In a demanding environment, this group of Seabees were still able to remember those who have gone before us to create the legacy of “Can Do” we all live by today.  A miniature, contingency style Seabee Ball was observed on March 10, 2012 where the troops could learn about Seabee heritage, enjoy food and company, and of course partake in the traditional cake cutting ceremony performed by 31 year old Utilitiesman First Class (SCW) Charlie King of Bainbridge, GA and 19 year old Builder Constructionman Sarah Parcher of Jamestown, PA.

“I really enjoyed cooking outside and learning more Seabee history,” said UTCN Short. “We were able to really get together outside of work mind frame and have a good time.”

Although the mission details of the Seabees of DET 2 are very limited, they still found time to come together and celebrate their heritage, remembering our Seabee heroes past and present. Happy 70th Birthday Seabees and Hoorah!


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