Message from CMDCM Levesque – March 12, 2012

Hello NMCB-11 family and friends.  What a great Seabee birthday picnic.  We had some great weather, great company and great food.  It was nice to sit back and reflect on our Seabee history and to see how far we have come since the beginning of the Seabee’s.   There is no doubt about the fact that our Seabee machine today is a more sophisticated machine then the one I came in some 26+ years ago.  The young troops we have today are certainly the future of our Seabees and I feel pretty good about our future!

The Marines just had a major turnover here in country and I met several new senior officers and enlisted folks.  This means I just met several new senior officers and enlisted who need something from the Seabees.   Every time the Commanding Officer and I talk to a General, the conversation leads to how great of a job the Seabees are doing at this location or that one.  The families back home need to understand these compliments are meant for you as well.  None of us can do what we do without the support of all of you back home.

The Skipper and I are about to hit the road and go see more of these hard chargers.   Travel can be hard but we are determined to get out there and see all of the hard work they have put in.   Believe me we are not against sticking our thumb out and hitch a ride if that is what we need to do.

Please keep sending mail and packages to your Seabee.  Everyone loves to hear their name at mail call.  Yes for you old timers, we still have mail call.

I would like to end this with another shout out to our volunteers back home for being part of our Family Readiness Group and Ombudsman.  You have already helped many of our troops here and you are such a valuable asset to the command.  Have a great Seabee day!