Living out the Navy Ethos!

Living out the Navy Ethos!

At recruit training command Great Lakes we were taught the Navy core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. Yet, as some of us left recruit training center Great Lakes these values somehow got lost.  Why?

I believe these values were never truly there in the first place. Many young men and women who leave from Great Lakes have never truly internalized these core values, and made them a part of their daily lives.  

 They were merely walking behind the person in front them, and going through the motions. If that last phrase defines you (going through the motions), what are you going to do about it? Do you want true change and freedom from your old life?

I believe that within the Navy Ethos there is a system built to help build character, and many noble traits. It is a system that finds successes through personal and group discipline. Yet, this discipline is only achieved through the inward change of daily focusing on one core value at a time.  When you understand and are practically living out honor move on to courage, and then commitment.  When you are finished start over again until others notice a change in you! You see freedom has never been earned through a lack of discipline.  Rather, freedom has been earned through the courageous, honorable, and committed men and women who have gone before you and I!  Therefore, if you desire to be like one of these past heroes begin to live like them today. You are in the Navy NOW, put aside your old way of living and begin to embrace this new lifestyle.

A lifestyle of integrity built through individual discipline.

The truth of the matter is, our spiritual lives will only be as strong as the inner discipline that we practice each and every day. Shipmate, how is your Navy Ethos today?

In Your Service Chaps Myers

This message comes to you from your Command Chaplain LTJG Brian Myers.

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