Seabee Birthday message from C.O.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEABEES!  March 5th commemorates the Seabees 70th birthday, having been officially established to support WWII efforts in 1942.  Admiral Ben Moreell, credited as the father of the Seabees, saw a need for a militarized Naval Construction Force to build advance bases in the war zone.  Admiral Moreell personally furnished these forces with their official motto: Construimus, Batuimus — “We Build, We Fight.”

While I know that many of you celebrated the Seabee Birthday in style at the Gulfport Seabee Ball on Saturday night, we will be celebrating picnic style next week at Mainbody.  The Detachments are also all having their own version of “Seabee Balls” throughout Afghanistan.  As NMCB ELEVEN’s motto so  clearly reminds us, “constructing the future, remembering the past”, we must always celebrate our rich history and honor all of those Seabees that came before us, many of which gave the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of our nation. 

I have invited the Command Elements of many of our neighbor commands to join us in our celebration.  In fact, we will even have the honor of having a Marine Corps General attend our picnic and assist with the cake cutting ceremony.  I mention this because it is very important that we all work at getting the word out to those who may not be familiar with the Seabees, who the Seabees are and what value we bring to the fight.  With military budget cuts the way they are heading, it is even more crucial than ever that we diligently publicize all the great things our Seabees are doing around the world every single day of the year and how their actions are in fact critical to the Navy’s vision of “Global Force for Good”. 

So today, as we celebrate and honor all Seabees, I ask you to do one thing- please find someone who may not know anything about the Seabees and take some time to educate them on what your loved one does to support our Nation’s freedom and values.   Please share our Facebook link or our blog link with others and encourage them to “Like” us so they too can follow the accomplishments of our Seabees.

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Our Seabees of NMCB ELEVEN continue to amaze me every single day with their dedication and commitment to the mission at hand.  They are excelling!!

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