NMCB-11, Det-4 Completes Tension Fabric Structure

By Builder 3rdClass Susan Boos, NMCB 11 Detachment 4 Public Affairs 

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – A team of eight Seabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 11, Detachment-4, assembled the last two pieces of a new Tension Fabric Structure (TFS) on board Camp Brown, Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan on February 16, 2012. 

2 Seabees use a man-lift to install a fabric skin section to the Tension Fabric Structure. Photo by BU3 Susan Boos.

After borrowing equipment from a local Army unit to reach the top of the building, the team had the fabric in place in less than four hours.  The Airfield regularly experiences large gusts of wind which made it difficult to maintain control of the large fabric sections, but once the team got its bearings and implemented a constructive system the project was a breeze. 

Commander Lore Aguayo, Commanding Officer of NMCB 11, visited the project site and had the opportunity to have a brief discussion with each of the individuals on the project.

  Early the following day, the team installed a 20 foot roll up door on the gable end of the TFS, the last major item of work before the project was complete.  Only the team leader, Builder 1st Class Anthony Boldrey had experience installing roll-up type doors, making for a great learning experience for the rest of the team. 

The project, which was started in early December and was recently turned over to NMCB-11 by NMCB-4, will serve as a rigging facility in support of fixed and rotary wing movement of materials, supplies and equipment throughout Afghanistan.

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