Message from CMDCM Levesque

Hoo-rah Lucky ELEVEN families!  First of all let me say thank you to our Ombudsman and FRG volunteers.   You have been awesome in providing our families back home a place to socialize at FRG events and our ombudsman getting information to our forward deployed Seabees on family matters.  Please keep up the great job.

Things are moving very fast here.  All the cold weather and rain have not hampered our abilities to carry out our mission.  There are no shortages for the need for Seabees here.  Our operational commitments are long and getting longer with no slow down in sight.  Every command has already made their way into our camp to introduce themselves.  It’s always a good thing to be a friend with a Seabee. With that being said time is going by fast as deadlines come on us very fast. 

Our Det 2 and Det 4 Seabees are out and about.  If you took a hand full of jacks and threw it on a map of Afghanistan there would be a good chance we are where most of those jacks landed.  The Skipper and I have had a chance to see some of them in action during our travels and they are kicking some butt out there.  Great job Seabees.

Our waterwell and other dets are also making strong progress on their projects.  Without a doubt, Seabees are making a statement on this war and when we leave we will have done our part for making America a safer place for our children.

Please continue to go to our FRG meetings and contacting Senior Chief Tomme or our Ombudsman If you need any help with anything.  We have constant communications with them so we can quickly react to most anything that you need.   Have a great Seabee day and thank you for supporting our Seabees!

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