Message from the C.O., February 21, 2012

Happy Presidents Day!  It is great to have all the Battalion together in Afghanistan.  It took our Delayed Party a few tries to make it out here due to aircraft maintenance issues, but they finally arrived a few days ago and are getting settled, going through  in country mandatory training and are ready to get to work.  We had a superb turnover with NMCB FOUR.  Our advanced party worked tirelessly to ensure we had full accountability of all equipment, material and tools.  They inspected our construction equipment to ensure operability, turned over standard operating procedures that are specific to this theater and started planning missions that will be executed in the first few weeks.  We had our Transfer of Authority (TOA) ceremony between NMCB FOUR and NMCB ELEVEN on 13 February making it official the LUCKY ELEVEN is in charge of Camp Krutke, which is the Seabee camp aboard the larger Marine Camp Leatherneck.

Our Mainbody and all Detachments are fully operational now, including convoy operations, water well operations, road construction, camp build-out and conducting quality control of local contractor construction.  Some of our Seabees have had the opportunity to interact with local Afghans and partake in their traditions as well.  The enthusiasm and motivation displayed by all our Seabees is through the roof and I could not be prouder of all of them.  They are mission focused, well prepared and ready for tasks heading our way.  We all miss our families, but know that your Seabees are directly impacting our nation’s efforts in Afghanistan and I have no doubt you too are extremely proud of their contributions.

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