The Lord is My Shepherd

The Lord is My Shepherd

Remember how as little children, we would bruise a finger or stub a toe? We would come running to mama, who would kiss the hurt away.  Apparently there was a mystic healing in her loving concern that seemed to drive the pain away. 

As adults we still get hurt: a heart can be broken, a conscience can ache like an infected tooth, feelings can be hurt, and the world can deal cruel and harsh blows.  This can then lead to discouragement, resulting in the loss of hope. Sometimes, the burden of life can be unbearable. 

Yet, within the midst of this pain there is a tender Shepherd who understands the hurt of His children and is ever ready and able to minister to that hurt.  We learn about this loving and caring Shepherd through Psalm 23.  It is not just a great piece of ancient literature.  It is a living word from God that tells mankind that above all the pain and the hurt that is found in this world there is a God that guides, protects, and loves you. 

In Your Service Chaps Myers 

This message comes to you from your Command Chaplain LTJG Brian Myers

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