NMCB-4 Transfers Authority of Camp Krutke to NMCB-11 in Afghanistan

By Mass Communication Specialist 1stClass Jonathan Carmichael

120213-N-UH337-036 CAMP LEATHERNECK, Afghanistan (February 13, 2012) Commander Lore Aguayo (left), Commanding officer of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 11 officially relieves Cmdr. La Tany Simms, commanding officer of NMCB 4, of the watch during a ceremony in which NMCB 4 transferred authority of Camp Krutke, a part of Camp Leatherneck in Helmand province, Afghanistan to NMCB 11. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Jonathan Carmichael / Released)

CAMP LEATHERNECK, Afghanistan – Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 4 transferred authority of Camp Krutke to NMCB-11 in an afternoon ceremony on Camp Krutke, a part of Camp Leatherneck, Helmand Province, Afghanistan on February 13, 2012.

Commander La Tanya Simms, commanding officer, NMCB-4 and Cmdr. Lore Aguayo, commanding officer, NMCB-11 exchanged salutes before a flag detail replaced NMCB-4’s battalion colors with NMCB-11’s to signify the official transfer of authority.

Guests of honor were Commanding General, 2nd Marine Logistics Group (Forward), Brigadier General Michael Dana and Assistant Chief of Staff C-7, Colonel Kurt Kempster.  Also in attendance were service members representing II Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF), Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit (EODMU) 3, 30th Naval Construction Regiment (NCR), Task Force Leatherneck (TFL), and 14th Engineer Battalion.

“I am proud at the way our battalion has handled whatever our supported commanders needed of us,” stated Simms.  “The Musa Qal’eh crossing is an excellent example of the positive impact our Seabees have made here in Afghanistan.”

Kempster and Dana each specifically mentioned the Musa Qal’eh crossing, which links Musa Qal’eh residents with Helmand province’s capital, Lashkar Gah, in praising the accomplishments of NMCB-4.

“We had many junior people – 1st and 2nd Class Petty Officers and, in one case a 3rd Class Petty Officer – taking on a lot of responsibility in remote areas of Afghanistan, and they really took care of their troops.  That’s what truly represents the Seabees of this battalion,” stated Simms in a pre-ceremony interview.

The process of turning the camp over to NMCB-11 began earlier this month when NMCB-11’s advanced party personnel arrived on Camp Leatherneck.  The battalions worked together to turn over materials, equipment, and tools to NMCB-11 who’s delayed party personnel are due to arrive in the near future. 

“I am confident that our extensive training in homeport has prepared our Seabees to safely and effectively execute our mission throughout Afghanistan,” stated Aguayo.  

“All of our Seabees have expressed extreme motivation and enthusiasm to provide support to our coalition forces and our Afghan partners.” 

While deployed to Afghanistan, NMCB-11 will conduct general, mobility, and survivability engineering operations, defensive operations, Afghan National Army (ANA) partnering, and detachment of units in Combined/Joint Operations Area (CJOA)-Afghanistan in order to enable the neutralization of the insurgency and support improved governance and stability operations.

Originally commissioned on June, 28 1942 and subsequently decommissioned and re-commissioned twice since, NMCB-11 has consistently met the overwhelming demand for Naval Construction Forces (NCF) throughout the world. 

Homeported in Gulfport, Miss., NMCB-11 has completed deployments to the Pacific and in support of Operation Enduring Freedom since its most recent commissioning on September 14, 2007.

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