NMCB ELEVEN Deploys To Afghanistan

Hoorah Lucky ELEVEN!!  The time has come and our deployment is officially underway.  Everything our Seabees have been training for the last 11 months of homeport culminates in our Ready-to-Deploy certification and the departure of our Advance Party.  Our Seabees have worked tirelessly during our homeport in attaining the required technical and tactical skills needed to execute our mission in Afghanistan.  They attended over 246 classes, executed 6 homeport projects, and superbly completed a challenging but very successful Field Training/Evaluation Exercise.  Our Seabees are fully prepared and I have full confidence in their ability to execute our mission:  to conduct engineering and defensive operations in order to enable the neutralization of the insurgency and support improved governance and stability operations.

Our Advance Party flight left a few days ago, with a stop in Kuwait to pick up additional gear they will need for deployment.  They are charged with conducting turnover of projects, equipment, material and tools with NMCB FOUR.  Delayed Party will meet us in Afghanistan in a few weeks once the turnover is complete.  We will have our Seabees executing projects in support of the warfighter throughout the country of Afghanistan.  I had the pleasure of shaking every one of our Advance Party Seabees’ hand as they were boarding their flight and I can assure you that they displayed the highest levels of enthusiasm and motivation to put into effect everything they worked so hard on during homeport training.  Their level of professionalism and dedication to serving our nation is truly unsurpassed.  I am so very proud and honored to be leading NMCB ELEVEN and I have no doubt that our Seabees will be extremely successful in the execution of their duties and will return safely to their family and friends in September.  Thank you all for your continued support- our Seabees will make you proud!


Commanding Officer


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