Hope in the Midst of Depression

            An observed effect of depression is the loss of power to believe that any good awaits you.  And one of the causes of depression is the feeling that you are a misfit or an outsider or even a failure.  Spiritual depression occurs when such feelings eat away your confidence in the vast, immeasurable, boundless, free love of God (J.I Packer).  This is where Hope comes in.  Hope is a happy anticipation of good.  Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.  

        As we turn on the TV or look at the news on the web, we begin to see that our world is not perfect: there are wars, national financial crises, and of course problems within our own personal lives.  Yet within this madness we must find the Hope that good does await us.

      As this New Year begins I would like to offer you some Hope in the midst of an often times depressing season of the year.  No matter what wrongful acts you have done tor have been done to you this past year know this: God loves you, and He is seeking to pardon you, to redeem you, to restore you, to protect you, to keep you.  Yes, even you who feel like an outsider, who feel like a misfit or a failure.  A perfect example is that of Jesus Christ.  As one studies His blood line in the first chapter of the Gospel of Matthew they will see that He came not from a family that had it all together, but rather a family of misfits and sinners.  Yet, God was able to use those misfits to bring a great Hope to the entire world today.  So to you within this command who are having feelings of depression, examine your hearts this season–good does await those who have Hope.  

              Happy New Year

                         In your service,

                         Chaplain Myers

This message comes to you from your Command Chaplain LTJG Brian Myers

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