Holiday Message

I want to wish every Seabee in NMCB ELEVEN and their families very Happy Holidays.  Last year NMCB ELEVEN was deployed to PACOM during the holidays, making this season even more special.  I encourage everyone to take some time off during our holiday stand down to spend time with family and friends and reflect on this past year and the values and loved ones that are most important to us.  It is also important to spend quality time with our families during our stand down because at the turn of the year, we will be busy making final preparations for our Afghanistan deployment.  We, along with our families, understand the importance of our duty to our nation and the need for us to deploy.  It is our turn to have the watch again overseas as we continue the fight against terrorism and those wishing harm on America and our allies.  Helping stabilize Afghanistan to prevent it from being a safe haven for extremist activity again is what we will be engaging in, using our construction and tactical skills that we have trained so hard to obtain.

NMCB ELEVEN has had significant accomplishments in 2011, starting the first quarter of the year completing an extended 10 month PACOM deployment.  Seabees of ELEVEN operated in 19 locations across 13 countries in the Pacific, and completed 65 construction projects varying in range and complexity.  Your efforts greatly improved military readiness and capabilities and will leave an everlasting impact in those communities where you improved their overall living conditions.  During the homeport we executed over 5 homeport construction projects spanning from Missouri to Florida, enabling us to obtain construction skills critical to our missions across the globe.   We also focused great efforts in military tactics training as we prepared for our Field Exercise in October which we executed exceptionally well, resulting in full battalion certification.  During the entire homeport we also had significant training quotas, equipment maintenance responsibilities, and logistical and administrative requirements.  And even with the unprecedented operational tempo of this homeport, we managed to get it all done and done well!  I commend and thank all of you for your extraordinary efforts during the homeport.

Now we are reorganized into our deployment organization and we are finalizing our deployment requirements.  But for now, just take a breather, enjoy the holidays with family and friends and be ready to hit 2012 hard.  Thank you for your hard work, Seabees, and Happy Holidays!

Commanding Officer, NMCB ELEVEN

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