30 November 2011 Midweek Manna

Put Your Knowledge To Action!

            Welcome back from a well deserved Thanksgiving holiday NMCB 11.  As you have returned I am sure that you all have been working hard on completing your NKO’s to prepare for our upcoming deployment.  I find it interesting the amount of information we all will acquire during this time frame, yet unless we put this knowledge into action what is the point? The same can be said with your life.  

             In at least one period in your life you were given various lessons concerning knowing what is right and what is wrong.  You were taught this possibly through your parents, grandparents, your place of worship, through friends, or more recently through basic training, and within this command.  As a pastor and now a Chaplain I have seen people come from tough homes, yet despite what life has thrown at them, they made good decisions when they exercised the little knowledge they had received.  

             Shipmates, when you come across a situation that seems dangerous, which could cause yourself or others harm, think before you act.   You are not only affecting your life, but your shipmate, or a loved one.  The New Testament author James stated, “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only” (James 1:22 ESV) In other words the New Testament author James, is pushing his audience to exercise action.  It is one thing to understand what others are trying to tell you, and another to put those little life lessons into action.

             This Christmas season do the right thing, put your knowledge into action!

 In your Service,

            Chaplain Myers


This message comes to you from prospective Command Chaplain, Lieutenant Junior Grade Brian Myers.


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