To All the Seabees in NMCB ELEVEN…

We have returned home from an extremely successful field training and certification exercise!  I could not be prouder of every single Seabee in NMCB ELEVEN and their extraordinary performance in the field.  The level of knowledge and understanding of tactical operations that was gained in the last two weeks by all levels of the Command was exceptional and has greatly enhanced our readiness for our upcoming CENTCOM deployment.  I received direct input from many of my Seabees while we were in the field and the overarching message was that our field exercise greatly increased their tactical knowledge and enhanced their level of confidence in executing our mission in Afghanistan safely and effectively.  They feel ready to go forward and do our part in the war effort.

The level of motivation I observed in Mainbody and across the Detachments throughout the entire two weeks in the field was off the charts and very inspiring.  Even when we had to push our Seabees to extraordinary lengths to accomplish the mission, they did it with pride and enthusiasm.  At times we had to ask Seabees to execute duties that were completely outside of what they would normally do, yet they understood that mission execution is a team effort and they were willing and eager to do anything they could to further mission accomplishment.  To all the Seabees in NMCB ELEVEN, my sincerest appreciation for all of your hard work and dedication in making our field exercise a great success!

 I hope you enjoyed a well deserved 4-day liberty with families and friends.  To all the ELEVEN Families, I also extend my gratitude for your sacrifice and support you provide every day to our Command.  You are an integral part to our success and we could not execute our mission without you!  The holidays are falling upon us quickly and I want to wish everyone a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.

This message comes to you from NMCB ELEVEN’S Commanding Officer, Commander Aguayo.

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