09 November 2011 Midweek Manna

Raising Children is like Working With ‘Wet Cement’

             Raising Children is like working with ‘Wet Cement’, you only have so much time before the cement hardens.  Therefore, you as a parent (a father or a mother) need to take advantage of the time that you have with your children.  Yet, raising children takes more then just spending time with them, you also need to invest quality time in them.  You need to instill into their lives good, solid, and honest principles.  For example, you need to instill within them integrity and character.

 What is Integrity?

            The best definition of integrity that I have come across is the following written by John Maxwell, “To be in a state of being complete, unified, and consistent.”  Therefore, we instill in our children integrity when we are complete, unified, and consistent in what we teach them, and how we raise them. 

 What is character? 

            In his book, “The DNA of Leadership: Leadership is all About People,” Brigadier General Dick Abel stated, “Character is not inherited, but developed in our daily life.”  The key to this definition is “developed in our daily life.”  We need to understand that developing good character into our young ones is a process that does not happen over night, yet we must be persistent each day in order to make the greatest impact.

            In closing, the philosopher John Lock once wrote, “Parents wonder why the streams are bitter when they themselves have poisoned the fountain.”  This week, take some time to carefully plant integrity and character into your children.  I promise you it will be worth the effort!  Remember, your children are like ‘Wet Cement’; you only have so much time before the cement hardens.

 In Your Service Chaps!  LTJG Myers

This message comes to you from prospective Command Chaplain, Lieutenant Junior Grade Brian Meyers.

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