Field Interviews – NOVEMBER 4, 2011


“The SWA Hut project is going really well.  The crew is highly motivated.  We are pushing through in good time even with all the scenarios.  When this is over, I look forward to a warm shower, seeing my girlfriend, a large steak, and an ice cold beer.”  – BUCN Troy A.Wehr – Bastrop, TX





“Knowing that we are closer to going home keeps us motivated.  The crew has been great!  Everyone is helping out and doing their part.  FEX has been a great experience.  It is my first FEX, and I’ve learned a lot.  It has also given me a chance to work toward my SCWS qualification.  I look forward to going home to my Son and Wife, taking a hot shower, and eating a warm meal.” – BUCA Shaun D. Albright – Alton, IL




BU2 (SCW) James R. Butler (right)

“I’m happy to be on this project.  I built a bunch of SWA Huts in Afghanistan in 2009, so this has been like a refresher for me.  I’m going to be transferring to 20-SRG shortly after this, so this is kind of my last hoorah with NMCB 11.  I look forward to seeing my Wife and Son.  I probably missed his first steps while I was out here, and I really look forward to seeing him walk.” – BU2 (SCW) James R. Butler – Westchester, OH


“What I like about FEX is the action.  I’m also glad that I brought so much snack food from home.  It’s great!  I’ll be happy if I’m home for my birthday, November 9th.  I look forward to eating at a restaurant; I’m thinking – Olive Garden.  I look forward to the salad and bread sticks.” – CMCN Robert N. Farmer – Salt Lake City, UT


“We stay motivated by keeping a sense of humor and by singing songs like ‘Ring of Fire’ and ‘My Girl’.  I look forward to taking a shower and seeing my wife.” – BU3 (SCW) Thomas R. Barnes – Paris, IL






“Our crew is motivated, and we stay that way because we know we’ll be getting out of here after we finish.  What we’re building is a 24-feet by 10-feet heavy timber hardened bunker to provide cover from incoming IDF.  Our Crew leader, BU2 (SCW) Ryan D. Monroe, has been on point keeping this project moving.  After FEX, I look forward to seeing my Wife and Kids.” – BU2 (SCW) Richard L. Brown – Memphis, TN, (Project Supervisor, Bunker)

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