Field Interviews – NOVEMBER 2, 2011

CMCN Brenton L. Cliber of Clarkston, MI and CMCN (SCW) Zachary A. Lawrence of Garland, TX spent three hours building a terrain model to assist in the patrol planning for NMCB 11’s Air Det.  According to Cliber, the two of them had been building the terrain models for Air Det’s sweeps and were asked to build the patrol terrain model.  Lawrence stated that BU1 Anthony W. Boldrey taught them how to build a good terrain model.  “It was a good team effort,” added Lawrence.


“FEX is everything that I expected and more.  It is a really good learning experience.  It is tough dealing with the long hours, cold weather, and lack of sleep.  One thing that motivates me is getting candy in my MRE.  I look forward to having the freedom to do what I want to do after FEX.” – CECN Levi A. Henry – Urbana, OH


“FEX isn’t as bad as people made it out to be.  It’s a good learning experience.  It is a challenge getting used to wearing the gear and having to do everything with it on.  I know this is giving me some experience and training I’ll need for deployment, and that keeps me motivated.  I look forward to taking a real shower after FEX.” – BUCR Ashley M. Smith – Saginaw, MI

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