Field Interviews – NOVEMBER 1, 2011

CM3 (SCW) Mark D. Paystrup briefs CDR Lore Aguyao on ECP improvements

CM3 (SCW) Mark D. Paystrup of Levan, UT is on his third FEX.  His role here is Entry Control Point (ECP) Commander.  Paystrup briefed the C.O. in detail on recent improvements made to the ECP.  “The Skipper seems pleased with the improvements we’ve made,” Stated Paystrup. 

Below is Paystrup’s photo and a quote followed by similar interviews conducted throughout NMCB 11.

“I think this FEX is going smooth because the junior troops are well trained and highly motivated to knock it out.  When I get home I’m going to take a shower, play with my daughter, and drink a beer.”– CM3 (SCW) Mark D. Paystrup – Levan, UT 

“Based on what I’ve heard about other FEXs, I think we’re doing well.  We’re motivated to do it right so we can finish soon and go home.  It’s a challenge knowing exactly what to do for each scenario, so I rely on my leadership and training.  It has steered me in the right direction so far.” – CMCA Andrew M. Michalski – Warren, MA


“I think FEX is a good internal character building experience.  I look forward to transitioning to civilian life.  I’m getting out of the Navy in five or six months, and I’ll be going to a community college in Dallas.” – CSSN Josh M. Geisler – Lincoln, NE




“I think FEX helps build you up mentally.  After FEX is over I am looking forward to some downtime and relaxation.” – LSSA Francis C. Fomunyam – Boston, MA






“This is the best FEX I’ve been on.  We are all keeping motivated.  Word is getting passed, and I am always told what the challenge and password is each day.  I’m looking forward to transferring to shore duty to see how the other half lives.  I love my job, and I hope to be doing it for 20 years.” – CM3 (SCW) David M. Lacure – Aurora, IL

“…One of the best FEXs I’ve been on.  Even the upper chain of command checks on you when you’re in the pit.  The cookout was nice too.” – EO3 (SCW) Michael A. Quarisa – Ventura, CA

“This is much better than doing FEX in the middle of July!  I think we’re doing well on our scenarios.  After FEX I look forward to a hot shower, spending time with my family, and playing Call of Duty.” – CMCN (SCW) Josua D. Adams – Danbury, CN


“This is my first FEX.  From what I’ve heard, we’re doing pretty well.  The hardest part of it is being out of touch from loved ones.  What keeps me motivated is knowing that I’m going to see my girlfriend when I get back.” – BUCN Steven T. Mioduszewski – Port Charlotte, FL


“I’ve learned a lot of new things this FEX.  I find digging in the hard clay to be a challenge.  … and so is staying clean without a shower.  I look forward to seeing my boyfriend and sleeping in my bed.” – EOCN Elizabeth M. Salzman – Vancouver, WA


“This FEX would have to be at the top of my list.  It’s dry, and we’ve had fewer CBR attacks.  The chain of command is really taking care of us.  They seem to be putting the troops first.  I look forward good food; steak.  … and a hot shower.” – EO3 Ryan T. Christenson – Buffalo Grove, IL


“I think we’re doing good on our scenarios.  That’s probably because we know that the better we do, the sooner we can go home.  I’m looking forward to Brooklyn’s Pizza.” – CM3 (SCW) Christopher G. Timpe – Siler City, NC



“I am part of the ECP and REACT.  It’s our job to make sure that no unauthorized personnel get through.  We have been 100 percent successful so far.  I look forward to seeing my family, taking a hot shower, and relaxing in front of my fireplace.” – CM2 Matthew D. Williams – Washington, IN

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