20 October 2011 Midweek Manna

Where Have the Leaders Gone?

             “The lack of leadership seems to be the plague of modern society”, stated John MacArthur.  War, pain, sadness, death, and uncertainty are sure to come, and they do. The question is, who will lead us out of it?  Who will take charge when all else is failing? The war, pain, sadness, death, and uncertainty, which I speak of are not simply on the battlefield in some far away country, they exist in our marriages and relationships here in the United States.  This assault on marriage and relationships is real and is in desperate need of leadership.

             The Bible tells us that we may have life and have it abundantly (John 10:10). However, in our marriages there seems to be a real disconnect with this truth. Therefore, is the Word of God void? Certainly not.  Rather, it is the leader of the house who has failed to live up to his role.  In the beginning when God created the world he set man to rule over it, and manage it. However, in today’s world laziness abounds in the household.  In a life-long quest for material possessions and status, man has found himself to be more stressed out, more anxiety ridden, and have less life satisfaction than God originally intended. The truth is, a marriage can have life and have it abundantly. Therefore, the solution to this crisis of leadership in the home comes from a heart that yearns after God and consistently seeks to edify one’s spouse through boundaries, respect, and communication.

             In the military we are trained from the very beginning to be leaders.  If one man or woman falls down and can not get back up, we are trained to stand up and take their place.  This is the strength and the power that is the United States military.  The same can be said of our marriages today, particularly in our military marriages. In our homes we are failing, we need help. If you have read this article and you are in need of assistance be humble and seek help.  We serve a God who is gracious, all-powerful, and who truly cares about you and your family. Be a leader and call out to Him.  For he tells us, “If you ask Me anything inMyname, I will do it” (John 14:14).

 In Your Service / Chaps LTJG Myers

This message comes to you from Prospective Command Chaplain, Lieutenant Junior Grade Brian Myers.

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