Welcome to the official blog of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion ELEVEN (NMCB 11), the most up-to-date place for all things NMCB 11. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion ELEVEN is a Construction Battalion, where the abbreviation “CB” started. From there, the term “Seabee” was born. Seabees refer to all those who work in the battalion and we have many. Our Seabees specialize in various construction skills ranging from welding, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, surveying, and equipment operation and repair. We deploy all over the world to build and fight. Our motto, “Constructing the future, remembering the past,” guides us to live up to our mission when the call is heard.
Here at NMCB 11, we will be providing weekly updates on all things in the battalion. To name a few, we will be showcasing individuals who have reenlisted, community relations projects, special ceremonies, and of course, our construction projects. From time to time, we will have special posts from our Commanding Officer and our Command Chaplain.
We look forward to any comments you have or questions you might have. Don’t forget to mention us to your friends and family and all those interested in seeing more about NMCB 11!

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